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Jan 19 18


It is high time to announce that we are certified EU AID VOLUNTEER HOST organisation and we have received certificate and first organisation in our region.

Esther Mumia, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF wefoco, said ” We have undergone training under Phase programe which prepaired us and sharpened our Volunteer management skills, volunteer training skills to become host organisation and we are ready for hosting”.The project that included capacity building and certification was done in coporation with European and African NGOS.

Now we are expecting to start receiving volunteers from SUDHAV PROJECT starting July this year.The first volunteers will be deployed to women groups which are under umbella of WEFOCO to do nutrition capacity building,education awareness and community development project.The object of above mentioned projects is to impart skills to our community members and empower then for self sustainability by the end of the project period.
For more of information you can follow us on our facebook page WESTERN FOCUS COMMUNITY ORGANISATION KENYA

Sep 18 17


WEFOCO organisation has been undergoing certification process by EU AID VOLUNTEERS initiative project of PHASE (platform on humanitarian aid for sustainable empowerment ).The Eu AID volunteers capacity building 3 Eu organisations and 11 non Eu partners.Reinforcement of sustainable capacities in:-security,needs assessment,-logistics,-humanitarian volunteerng develop skills,methods and tools quality hosting organnisations,-to undergo EU aid volunteers certification process .-to participate to Eu aid volunteers deployment initiative inthe coming years.

Jul 23 16


European Partners:
– Association pour le Développement des Initiatives Citoyennes et Européennes (ADICE)
– Mondo MTU – NGO Mondo
– Associazione Solidarieta Paesi Emergenti (ASPem)
African partners:
– Kongo Community Development Organisation
– Uganda Pioneers Association

other partners from Africa, Middle east, eastern Europe and South America
– Asociacion pro Derechos Humanos
– Asociacion Pueblo Indigena en Accion
– Fundacion Munasim Kullakita
– Volunteers Initiative Nepal
– International Volunteers for Social Development Association
– Orissa State Volunteers and Social Workers Association
– Human Rights Center Postup
– Human Supporters Association


Jul 23 16


WEFOCO organisation is currently partnering the EU AID VOLUNTEERS on capacity building programme.

PHASE 1 – Empowerment of High Quality Volunteering management in Humanitarian Aid.

Specific objectives of the project

To reinforce 11 third countries organizations in the realization of
1: Security rules and process to ensure the security in Humanitarian Aid Context interventions;
2: Needs assessment and situation analysis to ensure a relevant volunteering intervention in Humanitarian Aid Context;
3: Logistical processes and methods to ensure an optimal volunteering intervention in Humanitarian Aid Context;
4: Getting strong capacities and knowledge to ensure a high quality volunteering management in Humanitarian Aid Context.

Jan 30 16

New schoolyear with WEFOCO

As it has become a tradition, so this year as well WEFOCO hosted a function to sum up all the work done and welcome the new year. Function took place on of January at D.O ground in Shianda. The function was attended by the director of NGO Mondo Riina Kuusik-Rajasaar, who is working hard in Estonia to collect funds to support our projects and children and Mumias East member of parliament Benjamin Washiali to assist giving out the support.

In cooperation with NGO Mondo and goodwishing supporters from Estonia, in 2016 we are supporting 105 primary school children from underprivileged families with schoolfees, school uniforms and blankets and 19 brilliant secondary school pupils with schoolfees.

In addition to the support for children, NGO Mondo and Estonian Development Cooperation supported WEFOCO’s Multipurpose Cooperative Society with incubators and solar panels. Cooperative’s each block now has 5 solar powered incubators with overall capacity of 384 eggs.


director of WEFOCO Esther N Mumia with the director of NGO Mondo Riina Kuusik-Rajasaar


Director of WEFOCO Esther N Mumia with the Mumias East member of parliament Benjamin Washiali

Ühistu block E saab inkubaatori

Member of WEFOCO’s Multipurpose Cooperative Society’s block E receiving their incubator


Children receiving their new uniforms and blankets