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September 6th, 2011

During the month of July mid WEFOCO through Co-operation with GLEN (global education network) wefoco managed to receive two volunteers, one from Estonia, and another one from Germany who came for HIV/AIDS prevention programme for WEFOCO communities.
Glen volunteers together with WEFOCO organization organized for activities together, which were suitable for shianda communities. On the arrival to the community, there was orientation to the community groups whereby the volunteers by the name Nathalie and Minnie familiarized themselves with the families living with HIV and AIDS the first week and they shared a lot from each other.
The second activity still on HIV/AIDS programme we did HIV testing and counseling and the organization used the volunteers profession because one was a nurse also a social worker and it benefited the community around shianda.
The third activity was community outreach which included video showing to schools and community groups. Most people learnt from the video shown to them on HIV and AIDS prevention.
The fourth activity is what we are doing now that is visiting support group projects which include people who are affected with HIV/AIDS. wefoco together with volunteers are trying to learn from support groups on how they survive through their projects despite of their health status.
The remaining part is identifying families and seminars which will be carried out the remaining time since the volunteers came for HIV/AIDS prevention programme for 3 months which ends in October.

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