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A different birthday present

April 10th, 2015

Estonian primary school student Mattias knew well what he wants for his bitrhday. 10 footballs. 5 of them he sent to Ghana and 5 to Kenya. The footballs in Kenya were donated to the Rise and Shine special school – the only school in Shianda where next to the regular students also physically and mentally disabled students can learn. Every Kenyan child loves football, but most of them can only dream of real, colorful footballs. Most footballs in Kenya are handmade by the children, using cloths or plastic and rope. When Rise and Shine students saw that they are not only getting one, but five new footballs, they couldn’t believe their luck. After all the children had seen the video greeting by Mattias, the footballs were given to the head girl and head boy in sport activities. During next hour everybody were playing different games organized by the teachers who also joined in. Thank you Mattias!

Rise and Shine (2) Rise and Shine

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