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Estonian teacher, student and journalist visited Shianda

April 10th, 2015

NGO Mondo organized an essay competition for the Estonian students and a “World day at school” competition for the teachers. Winners of both competitions got the opportunity to come to visit Kenya and Mondo’s projects in Kibera and Shianda. The Estonian teacher, student and journalist spent 4 days in Shianda. During the first day they had a cultural performance by the students of Rise and Shine school, followed up by the visits to the Wefoco women groups to get to know the income generating activities that groups perform to support the vulnerable children in their communities, also all the visitors could cook ugali and listen the traditional Luhya songs. The second and third day were spent in the different schools that participate at the school link project and the last day was spent in the Kakamega rainforest.

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    You truly deserve appreciation.

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    Is Janika still active?

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