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June monthly meeting

June 7th, 2022


Yesterday, as every sixth of the month, we held our monthly meeting at WEFOCO office.

We volunteers had the opportunity to talk with most of the chair ladies from the community groups.

We discussed the new management of the tailor shop and shared ideas on how to improve its functioning among the local community. Eve, our EUAV from Estonia, and Caroline, the new leader of WEFOCO tailor shop, noted all the suggestions. They also preannounced some future changes.

Lisa, EUAV from Italy, gave her feedback on the visits she made to the disabled members of the groups and the special schools of Shianda. She also shared her plans to improve the living condition of children with disabilities during the upcoming months.

Alice, EUAV from Italy, congratulated all the groups for their participation in the training in agriculture and poultry keeping during the last month. She is now going to visit the groups to check on their nurseries before transplanting the seedlings in vertical bags.

It was a unique meeting, also because Esther introduced our new German EUAV: Eugenie! She will work in counseling with local teachers and other community members.

We will keep you updated on the latest!

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