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Sep 10 19

EU Aid Volunteer Induction

Welcome briefing to the new EU aid volunteers conducted by WEFOCO organisation.

2 experts in gender and 1 occupational therapist are now available at our locality for 6 months.

Sep 10 19

Give opportunity to young mothers!

We have just launched our campaign ‘Give opportunity to young mothers!’.

Some girls between 12 and 18 years old have been denied access to education and have dropped out school as they became mothers.

Their families see them as hopeless, as a burden. WEFOCO sees these children as our future.

This is why we are campaigning for giving them another chance. We aim to raise awareness about early pregnancy, its consequences and how the community can take action. These young mothers need support: give them another opportunity!

Jun 3 19

Karibu Shianda!

We are happy to announce that we have received two new EU Aid Volunteers! Julie will be our new Education Officer and Ester will work as a Community-Based Officer. Last week, they had the arrival training. Now, it’s time for the observations and soon they will be ready to work with our local groups and institutions.

Welcome to Shianda! We hope you enjoy your stay with us!!!

May 15 19


On 26th April, WEFOCO celebrated the graduation of the Entrepreneurship Training provided by UWEZO, Accelerated and Tech HUB, at Rise and Shine Special School. Supported by SudHAV 2 project, under the EU Aid Volunteers initiative, this intensive course lasted three months and allowed ten members of community groups and WEFOCO collaborators to build their capacities in the field of entrepreneurship. After those weeks of hard work, the participants finally got their diplomas. But, as it was said on the session, a diploma is just a paper. What makes the difference is the knowledge they have acquired and the impact they can have on the society if they keep developing their projects.

It was a festive session in which the students shared their experience and an example of their work. Besides, the CEO from UWEZO, as well as WEFOCO director and MONDO representants (both partner organizations of SuD HAV 2 project) gave inspirational speeches for the students. They all agree that now they have the responsibility for echoing the knowledge they have and share it with the community.

Congratulations to all graduates!! We wish you all the best in your entrepreneurial activities!!!

Apr 18 19

Improving female hygiene with Reliefpads

WEFOCO​, in partnership with ​ReliefLine Kenya and under the ​EU Aid volunteers initiative, conducted a training in Menstruation Hygiene Management, including the distribution of reusable sanitary towels​ Reliefpads​.
Access to menstrual hygienic products is challenging for school girls in rural areas of Kenya (according to a research by Unicef, 54% of girls have difficulties getting sanitary products). In addition talking about periods is still taboo; this results in a lack of accurate, available information about menstruation and feminine health. As a consequence, girls often miss school during menstruation with increased chance of contracting infections.

To fight this misinformation and stigma, WEFOCO provided a training covering diverse topics related to menstruation, puberty, hygiene and reproductive system. The session included the distribution and demonstration of reusable sanitary pads manufactured by Ajay Industrial Corporation and donated by ReliefLine. 200 kits of Reliefpads, one-year functional pads, were distributed among 200 girls studying in four secondary schools in Shianda area. This hopefully enables girls to continue attending classes while keeping their health safe during the menstruation.

The cooperation will continue and, in the future, more girls will have the chance to benefit from this program.