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May 30 22

Recap training in poultry diseases

A story of success does not mean it did not go through some difficulties!

During my first month in Shianda as an EU Aid Volunteer in charge of advising smallholder farmers, I have been visiting 14 community groups to conduct a needs assessment on how their activities are going.

I have been the first EUAV to hold this position since the COVID pandemic outbreak, and I wanted to see if the poultry project was still working after two years. The great majority of the groups are still keeping chickens, and they sell their eggs or newborn chicks. They told me they use the money they get from this activity to buy stationery for children, or they put it into an “emergency fund” which can financially help members when they are facing unexpected expenses, such as funerals or hospital fees.

However, there were also some complaints about the health condition of the chickens. Despite training in poultry diseases and vaccination at the time when the chickens were given to the groups by WEFOCO and Mondo, the groups are still witnessing the sudden death of young chicks.

Together with the chair ladies and chairmen, we decided to go through training on poultry diseases for a second time. The participants were very interested, and they also took the opportunity to share their own experiences regarding the treatment of diseases, or the keeping of poultry in their houses.

Our objective is to see the number of chickens increasing in the future. We have a baseline on the number of chickens that are currently kept by a group, starting from the initial 30 chicks given at the kick-off of the project.

We will keep you updated about the health of the birds!

During the recap training
Esukura Women Group’s chickens
Namulekhwa group’s poultry house
Mung’ang’a group’s chicks
Waiting for the eggs to hatch and fill Msalaba group’s cages with newborn chicks
Sep 22 19

World Clean Up Day 2019

Every third Saturday of September is World Clean Up Day! 

For this occasion, we cleaned the centre of Shianda to raise awareness on the importance of keeping the environment clean. We have also reached out officials and encouraged them to create a waste management system in the area.

Thank you to all the volunteers who came and join us in this act! 

More pictures on Facebook

Sep 19 19

Nutrition and cooking workshops

With the help of our EUAV nutritionist Hanna, WEFOCO has been delivering a series of nutrition and cooking workshops to local communities. In these sessions, we explore the nutritional value of different types of food and we promote the importance of having variety and balance in diet. From guacamole to banana pancakes, community members have learned new recipes to diversify their meals and eat healthy.

Sep 10 19

EU Aid Volunteer Induction

Welcome briefing to the new EU aid volunteers conducted by WEFOCO organisation.

2 experts in gender and 1 occupational therapist are now available at our locality for 6 months.

Sep 10 19

Give opportunity to young mothers!

We have just launched our campaign ‘Give opportunity to young mothers!’.

Some girls between 12 and 18 years old have been denied access to education and have dropped out school as they became mothers.

Their families see them as hopeless, as a burden. WEFOCO sees these children as our future.

This is why we are campaigning for giving them another chance. We aim to raise awareness about early pregnancy, its consequences and how the community can take action. These young mothers need support: give them another opportunity!