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WEFOCO has hosted foreign volunteers who have been working with the program families or projects; each of them had his/her own sublocations or activities to manage. The volunteers have been mainly from Estonia so far, covering all their own expenses independently or supported by organisations/programmes like Mondo, GLEN, EVS.

  • Janika has been active since the beginning of the organisation, coordinating, including guiding the other volunteers, for several months a year since 2009.
  • Christian (from Germany) was assisting in early phase of starting the organisation in 2009.
  • Alari, computer/programming tuition etc, independently, annually since 2010.
  • Mirjam, independently, fieldwork in Mung’ang’a sublocation for September 2010-2011.
  • Elen, independently, fieldwork in Bumini sublocation for September 2010.
  • Meelis, independently, fieldwork in Shitoto sublocation in September 2010, revisiting in 2012, 2015.
  • Minni-Triin, GLEN, prevention of HIV and -stigmatisation, July-October 2011.
  • Nathalie (from Germany), GLEN, July-October 2011.
  • Karin organised trainings in tailoring, supported by Mondo, from September 2012 until school-uniforms were completed in 2013.
  • Annmari, GLEN, August-October 2013.
  • Kaya (from Germany), GLEN, August-October 2013.
  • Kaie, business and agricultural trainings / cooperative start-up, Mondo, 2013-2016.
  • Jaan-Raul, EVS, June-September 2014.
  • Krister, EVS, June-September 2014.
  • Viktoria, EVS, June-September 2014.
  • Kaire, Sign Language interpreter, June-September 2014.
  • Katre-Helena, GLEN, August-November 2014.
  • Anke (from Germany), GLEN, August-November 2014.
  • Liina, a product designer, Mondo, beginning of 2015.
  • Tanel, Mondo’s School Link project, May-July 2015.
  • Kalle, a designer/tailoring project, Mondo, November 2015-February 2016.
  • GLEN (from France), summer 2016.
  • GLEN (from Germany), summer 2016.
  • Olle, Mondo, December 2016.
  • YotaEUAV (from Greece), January – April 2019
  • BirgitEAUV (from Estonia), February – April 2019
Karin in the middle with group.

Karin with tailoring trainees.