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Karin organised trainings in tailoring, supported by Mondo, from September 2012 until school-uniforms were completed by trained women in 2013.

Karin in a tailoring class.

  1. Age
  2. Profession
    Teacher / Õpetaja
  3. How long time you volunteered in Shianda?
    Four months / Neli kuud
  4. Why did you decide to go to Kenya?
    To get new experiences / Et saada uusi kogemusi
  5. Why did you decide to volunteer with WEFOCO?
    Wefoco is Mondos partner / Wefoco on Mondo partner
  6. What do you think about the work that is being done by WEFOCO?
    Wefoco has created development opportunities for women / Wefoco on loonud naistele arenemisvõimalused
  7. What were your tasks?
    Make uniforms and teach local women to sew / Valmistada koolivorme ja õpetada kohalikke naisi õmblema
  8. What did you like most about volunteering?
    Exchange of experiences and new friends / Kogemuste vahetamine ja uued sõbrad
  9. What was surprising?
    How daily is lying / Kui igapäevane on valetamine
  10. What would you have liked to know before coming?
    What to take but I was well instructed by colleges / Mida kaasa võtta, aga ma olin hästi instrueeritud kolleegide poolt
  11. What are the difficulties that the volunteers should prepare themselves for?
    Different understandings of values in life / Erinevad väärtushinnangud
  12. Tell about your favorite experience from Kenya.
    Disappeared in the first night, because the taxi driver had misunderstood the instructions. I didn’t know where we need to go. / Kadusin ära esimesel õhtul, sest taksojuht sai juhendamisest valesti aru. Mina ei teadnud kuhu peame minema.
  13. Do you miss something?
    Food, friends, nature, party / Toit, sõbrad, loodus, pidu
  14. Any other comments:)
    A very interesting experience / Väga huvitav kogemus